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81 Books

City of Death
Rocking On
Big Fat Love Story
The Reunion
The Auspicious One
Durjoy Dating
The Birth of Kali
The Invisible Neighbours
Dear Meera
Handling Pakistan: How Team India Beat the Ultimate Cricket Rivals
No Love in Lahore
Second Time Around
Meena Bazaar
Demonetisation 2017: One Year Later
Shadow Games: The Ghost Wing Chronicles
Durga Writes to Her Father
Mrs Roy’s Portfolio
Murders Most Matronly
Understanding China
Away from Home
A Murderous Family
Learning to Swim
Love at Second Glance
Aurangzeb’s Grand Trick
Mohammed Azharuddin: Made In India
An Eid to Remember
Night Bus from Srinagar
Murder at the Temple
Lying through my Teeth
The Dark Road
Clean Bowled by Love
My Mother's Prayer
The Suspicious Husband
Aliv: The Beauty Pill
Ghee: The Fat Burner
Kaju: The Antidepressant
The Girl on the Road
Coconut: The Calmer
Sugar: The Anti-Ageing Secret
Poverty Revisited: A Postscript
Yogi Adityanath and the Hindu Yuva Vahini
Rajini, Rajini, Rajini: Everything You Want to Know About the Superstar
Bowled Over
Lunch with the Money-Makers
Women in Indian Film: Madhuri Dixit
That First Glance
Notes Divine
Operation Superstar
Demonetisation: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
New Age Economics: From Facebook to Net Neutrality
Great Indian Economic Debates I: From Nehru to Rajan
How to Choose Your PM, or a Restaurant: Everyday Economics I
Ice: A Farooq Reshi Investigation
Mistry v/s Tata: The Battle Within India's Most Prestigious Business House
From Mumbai to Durban – India’s Greatest Tests: Top of the World
The Business Standard Guide to Retirement Planning
Lunch with Magnates
A Stranger in Olondria
From Bihar to Tihar
Indigenius: Our Eye in the Sky
The Burning Forest
Jukebox Mathemagic
Ramayana for Children
Banjara Love
Rekha: The Untold Story
A Meeting on the Andheri Overbridge
The Fault In Their Stars
Things That Can and Cannot Be Said
Tiger: The Life of Tipu Sultan
How to Kill a Billionaire
Once Upon a Time in India: The Marvellous Adventures of Captain Corcoran
Amma: Jayalalithaa's Journey from Movie Star to Political Queen
India vs Pakistan: Why Can’t We Just Be Friends?
We Indians
Indian Superfoods
Gold Flake
How to Heal Your Broken Heart: A Psychiatrist's Guide to Dealing with Heartbreak