Book's List

50 Books

Confidence and Contentment
Total Giving Total Living
Just Like Magic
The Atman
Justice and Inner Nature
Are You in Sync with Your Heart? 
Essential Buddhist Teachings
Origin of Disease
Favourite Stories from Hindu Myths
How to Achieve Peak Performance in Sports 
Sadness - A Conditioning
Reclaim your Attention with Meditation
What is Vedanta?
Dealing with Loneliness
Logic vs Faith
Karma and Character
Dissolve into Infinity
Who Am I?
Meditation 24x7
Eating with Joy
How to Meditate
Autobiography of a Yogi Episode #1
Women's Revolution
The Lover You Have Been Missing
Seek Creativity
Secrets of Avoiding Karma
The Foundation of the Indian Nation
Secrets of Karma
Beyond Enlightenment
What is Buddhism?
The Essence of Effective Leadership
How to Break Bad Habits
Idol Worship
Ayurveda – The Science of Life
Existence Knows No Right and Wrong
Be Totally Selfish
Managing Emotions in the Time of Crisis
The Power of Meditation
Mind your Language
The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna
The Dancing Girl
Ramayana for Children
The Year of the Elephant
The Sword of Ali
Creation of Man
The Prophet Abstains
The Perfect Marriage
Yusuf and Zulaikha