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29 Books

Mind Without Fear
Ba’az of the Bengal Lancers
The Prince
Love in the Time of Whatsapp
India Unmade
The Undoing Dance
A Stranger Truth
How to Grow Fresh Air
The Man Who Sold Diseases
Jahangir : An Intimate Portrait of a Great Mughal
Ending The Silence: Stories Of Fighting Sexual Assault
The Dark Side of the Bollywood Moon
Untold Stories Of A Bleeding Land: Dispatches From Kashmir
Nothing to Write About Her
A Date With Destiny
Mumbai Return
The Stud
Summer with Vijay
City of Sin: Massage Parlours and Other Vices in Delhi
Dirty Dancing
Machiavelli's Prince: How Naveen Patnaik Went from Socialite to Satrap
Sharing a Taxi
In Too Deep
The Speech
Cakewalk Murder
Early Indians