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Seemaatti the Buffalo
Autobiography of a Yogi Episode #3
Mira’s Love
How to Learn anything Easily and Quickly
Drinks to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing
What Affects an Election Outcome?
Autobiography of a Yogi Episode #2
My Love is like the Marigold
The Thief 
Autobiography of a Yogi Episode #1
Ratna Meets the Love of Her Life
The Part I Left With You
Colour Me Sexy
1984: Episode #6
Who If Not Modi?
The Healthy Die First
A Twist of Fate
Frankly Speaking Finance: What's Your Investment Thali?
Why we must eat Peanuts
Pride and Prejudice, and Patiala Pegs
Money with Monika: Understanding Mutual Fund Investment Options
1984: Episode #5
Increasing Mind Power in Kids
Top 3 Foods for Thyroid Issues
Frankly Speaking Finance: Save your Savings
1984: Episode #4
Drinks for a Calmer You
Not Woman Enough
A Bend in the Ocean
1984: Episode #2
Money with Monika: Money Ratios on your Fingertips
5 Mistakes Parents Make: And Other Modern Parenting Challenges
MLM Scams, Network Marketing and Pyramid Schemes
1984: Episode #1
The Sickle
Unfinished Business
Money with Monika: Mutual Fund Guide for Beginners
Secret of the Richest Man in the World: Elon Musk
Burma: The Unfinished Nation
Emotional Intelligence: Purpose, Meaning, and Passion
Frankly Speaking Finance: Financial Bigg Boss
Top 3 Foods for Sugar Craving
Why Equitable and Sustainable Growth Is Vital for India
I Have Faith in My People: The Congress Underground Radio
A Brief History of Freedom
WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update Explained
Our Freedoms: Essays and Stories from India’s Best Writers
Exile in the Age of Modi
Four Strokes of Luck
Freedom and the Idea of India
Frankly Speaking Finance: Mowgli and the Financial Jungle
Money with Monika: Is it a Good Time to invest in Equity?
Maintain (on a budget)
Frankly Speaking Finance: Double your Money
Top 3 Foods for Constipation
Make More Money With Your Money
Mahabharata Episode #4: The Pandavas Get Their Own Kingdom
When I Grow Up I Want to Be…
Top 3 Foods for Tiredness and Lethargy
Why Do White People Like What I Write?
The Culture of Fear: On Intellectual Islamophobia
Mahabharata Episode #1: Rivals for the Throne
What's in Your Dabba
Raya: Krishnadevaraya of Vijayanagara
Bulk (on a budget)
Lean (on a budget)
Farmers' Protest
The Sabarimala Case: Women in the Temple
Mahabharata Episode #10: The Sacrifice of the Sons
Mahabharata Episode #9: War
Mahabharata Episode #8: A Time of Alliances
Harsh Truth behind Billionaire Scams
India's Bravehearts: Untold Stories from the Indian Army
Mahabharata Episode #7: The Kingdom of Virata
Mahabharata Episode #6: The Exile
Mahabharata Episode #5: The Dice Game
Surgical Strike Across the LoC
Mahabharata Episode #3: A Bride for the Brothers
Mahabharata Episode#2: One Hundred and Five Princes
No Time to Pluck an Eyebrow
Money with Monika: 6 Health and wealth Lessons
The 12 Commandments of Being a Woman
Money with Monika: Should You Invest in Gold or Buy Stocks?
Foods for Pain-free Periods
A Bride for the Brothers
Nobel Dreams of India: Inspiring Budding Scientists
Does India Need a Two-Child Policy?
Top 5 Foods to Boost Immunity
Hathras Coverup
The Housemaid Who Became a Comedy Sensation
Kangana Ranaut, BMC and Rhea Controversy
GDP Crash and PUBG Ban
Eat your Food in the Right Proportion
Reality of Women in Armies
The House of Jaipur: The Inside Story of India’s Most Glamorous Royal Family
Article 370: One Year Later
Bland Fanatics: Liberals, Race and Empire
TikTok Ban and Hong Kong Situation
Anarkali and Salim: A Retelling of Mughal-e-Azam
Soap and Water & Common Sense: The Definitive Guide to Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites, and Disease
China Exposed
The India-China Border Dispute
The Tantric Exorcist
From the Trenches
Girl Made of Gold
Who Controls Your Internet?
Karunanidhi: The Definitive Biography
Global Recession 2020: Explained by Dhruv Rathee
Coronavirus: A book for children
Coronavirus and India: Everything you want to know
Watershed 1967: India's forgotten victory over China
A New India: Selected Writings 2014-19
Mind Without Fear
How to Grow Fresh Air
The Soul of India
The Sanitary Man from a Sacred Land
Understanding China