Book's List

75 Books

A Horse and Two Goats
The Child's Story
The Good Angel
The Lady with the Dog
The Author (Mayur Didolkar)
The Nose
The Last Leaf
Anything for a Banarasi Sari
Three Blind Mice
The Selfish Giant
TTYL: Talk to You Later
Eve's Diary
The Postmaster
The Chocolate Box
Say It One Last Time
Autobiography of a Yogi Episode #2
Colour Me Sexy
A Bend in the Ocean
1984: Episode #1
Valentine's Day (Debeshi Gooptu)
The Proposal
The Last Breakfast
A Sweet Getaway
The Possessed One
Sanjana and Vicky
The Culture of Fear: On Intellectual Islamophobia
Mahabharata Episode #1: Rivals for the Throne
Murders in Kolkata 26
The Heavenly Alphonso
A Spy in China
My Classic Closet
Rivals in Avernus: A Sultan's Tale
The Male Child
The Final Lockdown
Nation Vs Biryani
Starring Sudha
My Mother Mrs Kapur
Blood Money
Till Death Do Us Part
No Homo
Neel and the Cat
Summer with Vijay
A Letter to a Hindu
Hindu Tales from the Sanskrit
A Christmas Carol
The Duplicity of Hargraves
The Assassination of Mrs Gandhi
Durga Writes to Her Father
The Angel of the Odd
Addis Ababa
The Indian Struggle
The Blouse
The Mahar Bullock
Why I am an Atheist
Operation Khukri
The Missing Piece
Great Indian Economic Debates I: From Nehru to Rajan
Pacific Notions
Captain Prabhakaran Flies a Chopper
The Love that Never Happened
My Experiments with Truth
The Fault In Their Stars
Musical Chairs
India: What Can It Teach Us?
A New Pair of Trousers
Philomel Cottage
Jungle Lore
I'm Not a Bimbette
A Tale of Two Cities