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47 Books

The Proposal
The Last Breakfast
A Sweet Getaway
The Possessed One
Sanjana and Vicky
The Culture of Fear: On Intellectual Islamophobia
Mahabharata Episode #1: Rivals for the Throne
Murders in Kolkata 26
The Heavenly Alphonso
My Classic Closet
A Spy in China
My Trophy Wife
Rivals in Avernus: A Sultan's Tale
The Male Child
The Mahabharata Murders: Episode 1
Nation Vs Biryani
Starring Sudha
The Price of Dignity
Blood Money
Till Death Do Us Part
Neel and the Cat
The Army Officer's Wife
No Homo
Summer with Vijay
A Christmas Carol
Durga Writes to Her Father
The Indian Struggle
The Mahar Bullock
Why I am an Atheist
Operation Khukri
The Missing Piece
Great Indian Economic Debates I: From Nehru to Rajan
The White Sari
Pacific Notions
Captain Prabhakaran Flies a Chopper
The Love that Never Happened
My Experiments with Truth
The Fault In Their Stars
Musical Chairs
India: What Can It Teach Us?
The Well
A New Pair of Trousers
I'm Not a Bimbette
A Tale of Two Cities