Book's List

60 Books

The Dead Man's Mirror (Agatha Christie)
The Adventure of the Dancing Men
Krantijeevi Tarangini
The Dead Wife's Photograph
The Red-Headed League
The Happy Prince
The Chocolate Box
The Adventure of the Speckled Band
The Gift of the Magi
Salaam, Noni Appa
Say It One Last Time
The Last Breakfast
My Trophy Wife
Eve's Diary: Word Power Edition
Fork and Spoon
The Fading Lights
Spin Me a Fairy Tale
My Summers with Sharmila
White Sherwani,  Blue Lehenga
Nation Vs Biryani
The Price of Dignity
Chrysanthemums in Springtime
The Army Officer's Wife
Leather Ball, Cosco Ball
Love in the Time of Whatsapp
Summer with Vijay
The Man Who Would Be King
Durga Writes to Her Father
The Girl at the Yellow Door
The Last Poisoners of 6
Ammi Always Knows
Addis Ababa
The Nikah
The Tell-Tale Heart
The Girl on the Road
The Necklace
The Place in the North
The Gift (Preeti Shenoy)
The Missing Piece
The White Sari
The Dancing Girl
How the Butcher Taught the Brahmin
The Bet
The Cloak
Kumari Devi
What Is Remembered
A Meeting on the Andheri Overbridge
Musical Chairs
The Well
The Shunned House
The Mouse
The Blizzard
Odour of Chrysanthemums
Philomel Cottage
Bakhto in Heat