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10 Ways to Make Reading Fun For Kids
8 Ways to Drink Your Calcium if you can’t Digest Milk
Food is the New Medicine
Raising Resilient Kids
The Science behind Depression
5 Ways to Stop Bullying
Managing Stress Vol 2
Physical and Mental Health Vol 4
Drinks to Cut Fatigue and Tiredness
Your Mind is Your Biggest Enemy
9 Self-care Tips to Reach Your Goals
Double your health with these food pairs
6 Secrets to Success in Life
Stay Grateful
Traditional Wisdom for Millennial Parents
Smart Drinking Choices for Summer
Truth or Myth: I think therefore I am
How to Discipline your Kids
7 Ways to Manage Kids When You Are WFH
Don’t Ignore Yourself in Challenging Times 
Art of Positive Parenting
12 Tricks to Fix Your Bad Mood
Kids and Abuse
Stop Chasing Happiness
Managing Stress
Do you suffer from Selfitis?
Should You Pop Supplements?
How to say Yes to Yourself
Physical and Mental Health at Work
How to Master Focus & Concentration
How to Love Yourself
5 Ways to Stop Overthinking
7 Practices to Calm Yourself
How to make most of your day
How to Eat Like a Yogi
Feels like Drowning: Extraordinary Stories about Depression and Mental Illness
How to Breathe Clean Air in Your Homes
Banana: The Recharger
Ghee: The Fat Burner
Rice: The Grain that Sustains
Kaju: The Antidepressant
Kokum: The Natural Antacid
Jackfruit: The Fertility Booster
20 Lessons on Finding Calm
20 Lessons on Finding Inspiration
20 Lessons on Finding Yourself
20 Lessons on Finding Compassion
20 Lessons on Being Happy
20 Lessons to Overcome Anger
20 Lessons on Finding Acceptance
20 Lessons on How to Heal Yourself
Be Nice, You Never Know
A Boy’s Guide to Growing Up
Who Needs Cupid? The TrulyMadly Guide to Dating
You Will Love Again: A Guide to Healing from Heartbreak