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Two sample chapters, a synopsis — that’s all we require! Send an email to one of our editors below depending on the genre you’re writing in.

Please send only one submission at a time to one address — we assure you our editors will read your submission and write back to you.


  • Why have you started this new process? It was simpler with just one email earlier!

    Just as readers have different tastes, editors too have tastes in what they read and commission, and we want to ensure your submission reaches its right editor.

  • I sent my submission to the earlier ID. What now?

    Don’t worry – your submission will still be read by one of our editors. If you want to reassure yourself, you can resend the submission to the editor in-charge of your genre.

  • How does your submission process work?

    We have six in-house commissioning editors who read submissions; we also have three external readers with an eclectic taste in books. If any of the three like something they read, they immediately pass it on to the commissioning editors, who then take a call on the submission.

  • How long does it take for you guys to reply? I keep seeing all these comments about you guys taking too long!

    We know, we know! This is exactly why we’ve started this new process: to ensure your work is being read by the right editor, and quickly! But our editors are also working on the books they’ve already signed up, and they want to read each of your submission, which is why we take time to respond. We receive more than 100 submissions a week – yes! – so we try to respond to all submissions within three months. In most cases, we respond much, much earlier than that!

  • Why do you reject a manuscript?

    Primarily, for two reasons – either the plot (if nonfiction, the proposal) wasn’t too strong for us (even if the writing is good), or the writing needs more work. Yes, publishing is a subjective choice, but most editors look for these two elements in every submission they read. There are times when a manuscript is well written, but the plot seems to be missing that extra element that makes the work stand out and hold an editor’s attention. And if it doesn’t, sadly, we say no!

  • But does that mean my work is bad?

    Not at all! Remember J.K. Rowling – most publishers rejected her first book, and how they regretted that decision!

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